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Placement Process
Quest’s staffing consultants know that the right placement is never an accident that simply falls into place. Our discerning recruiters are active listeners when interviewing potential candidates, employing an in-depth screening process that considers attributes such as growth, qualifications, experience, references, background, attitude and personality. Furthermore, Quest recruiters will:

  • Research and organize a recruitment plan to meet our client’s specifications
  • Utilize innovative, database-centered search techniques
  • Identify and approach specific candidates for passive recruitment
  • Remain accessible to clients with frequent communication and updates
  • Provide employers with candidate profile summaries, including resume/salary requirements and skill sets
  • Establish and coordinate interviews and schedule meetings between candidates and employers
  • Follow-up with both parties after an interview
  • Coordinate the job offer process for both candidate and client
  • Prepare a candidate’s acceptance letter, as well as advising them through their start date
  • Assure a smooth transition when an employee is no longer able to fill a position
  • Follow-up with a continued relationship of service through candidate referrals

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Interview Tips & Tricks
  1. Have a Positive Attitude – A positive attitude and a smile set the tone in creating a positive interview.
  2. Be Likable – Everyone wants to be around someone they like, and that’s no different with Hiring Managers. No one wants to hire someone that is argumentative or seems like they might create a difficult working environment. Present yourself as a team player.
  3. Show Confidence – If you show confidence, employers will believe in you. That adds credibility to what you say.
  4. Show Off Your Communication Skills – Intelligent, clear communication shows confidence. Prepared yourself with questions relative to the position you are applying for.
  5. Be Flexibility and Open Minded – Displaying a willingness to adapt to new people, new environments and new tasks.
  6. Understand the Industry – Do your research before meeting with the company. Knowledge of both the company you are interviewing with, and the industry goes a long way in showing your interest in learning and growing in the field.
  7. Honesty – Answering interview questions with honesty and sincerity is always the smart choice. Trust is the basis for any successful business relationship.
  8. Show Stability – If you have a stable track record with past jobs and a good education, talk about it. Most employers want to hire for the long term, so show them that you are interested in loyalty.
  9. Be Courteous – Not surprisingly, manners and respectability have a very positive effect in interviews. Having the ability to get along with others and displaying a level of kindness go a long way in getting and keeping a job.
  10. Look Good – Dress appropriately based on the job you are looking for. While appearance isn’t everything, a well-pulled together look can make you seem smarter and more professionally.

You’ve been invited to an interview with one of our clients, what to do? Now what?

  1. Multiple hard copies of your resume to share with each person you are interviewing with.
  2. Documentation that establishes your identity and right to work in the U.S.
  3. A pen and notepad to take notes.
  4. Questions you’ve prepared in advance to ask your interviewer.
  5. The company’s contact information.


  1. Map out your trip in advance to allow ample travel time to make sure you arrive a few minutes early.
  2. Choose the color and pattern of your outfit carefully. It is best to focus on a timeless appearance and stick to dark colors, rather than loud, busy prints.
  3. Ensure your shoes are polished, keep heels at a sensible height.
  4. Wear neatly colored nail polish on manicured nails.
  5. Wear neutral makeup and keep facial hair groomed.
  6. Be aware of your posture and body language. Good posture and a solid handshake is important.
  7. Turn off your cell phone & be sure it remains turned off until you leave the interview.
  8. Always make eye contact and smile.


  1. Wear clothing that is either too revealing or tight.
  2. Wear dangling earrings and noisy jewelry and/or accessories.
  3. Wear scuffed shoes.
  4. Stains / lint on your clothing.
  5. Wear excessive perfume/cologne.
  6. Use slang words or profanity.
  7. Bring friends or family with you.
  8. Badmouth a previous employer.

Helpful Information for Employees

To log into your employee portal go here: http://queststaffing.myavionte.com/staff.  Use your email to log in and the password you last created.  If you forgot your password, click forgot password, enter the email you registered with and the system will email instructions to reset your password.

Timecards are due in our office Mondays end of day,  please email your timecards to Hortencia@quest-staffing.com or fax to (805) 983-6939.

If you have questions call us (805) 983-3959.

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